Land and Sea : Slotable Sculpture 

I felt that my previous pieces had begun to loose the consept that within an exhibition, people could interact with my work. Taking on board inspiration from Calder that interaction was important because it reminds us of our ‘childhood’ where we were more open to innovation, I begun to experiment with slot sculpture, which would allow the viewer to produce their own forms.

Using a mixture of facial features and natural forms gave the impression of a person being amongst the land and sea, which has been a visual aim since experimenting with characters from Greek Mythology.

The part which wasn’t as successful was the quality of the pieces. Firstly, the photocopies of the prints were not as vibrant, so lacked the same feel as the original screen prints. The pieces were also, not produced using the best materials and were not cut in the best way, so it proved difficult to slot into together into different forms. To improve this, I could experiment with using stronger materials, and looking at more accurate ways of cutting out each piece, such as lazer cutting.

EDIT: When discussing this with my peers, it was suggested that I scan them and work digitally as I had done previously. This way, I could also re-introduce text into the pieces, giving them a clearer narritive and furthering interaction.

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