Rotating Sculpture Experiment 

Having produced my screen prints, I felt that my sculpture practice had some to a halt. Today, to get back on track, I took another look at Alexander Calder, who has been a huge influence throughout the project. Watching a video on the Tate website, I was struck by his interactive mobiles, which moved with whichever environment they were in. The sculptures were decribed as ‘childlike’ which I feel also decribed my work, and made me think about how I could apply my practice to childrens toys or educational pieces in museums.

For this piece, I looked at abstracting shapes from my original drawings such as leaves and facial features. The way they overlapped and interlocked gave a delecatness about it, which I felt reflected the theme of the goddess of nature. While the creation of these abstract shapes visulally linked my Matisse-style screenprints to a three dimentional scale, I feel that these mobiles had lost the more hands-on interpretation of Power through interaction. Developing the piece, I will think of a way of enabling a person to construct and deconstruct the sculpture.


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