Sea and Earth : Screen Prints 

Working from the drawings that I produced previously of Greek Statues, I went on to experiment with screen printing. This was a technique I had planned to improve on when writing my Statement of Intent for the project, and I feel that I suceeded in this. In terms of technical quality, I found that adding more paint in relation to binder formed a more opaque and ‘clean’ looking print. This being said, there are a few parts where the image has bled due to the stencils. Perhaps next time I will consider the chemical silkscreening process to ensure consistancy? Adding less layers to a composition is sometimes more effective. Here, I have played with scale in a series; the sea godess filling the print entirely, and the earth godess blending in with the leaves. Photocopying these prints, I will perhaps resume to paper folding experiments, which will join the 2 and 3 dimentions together.

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