Power: Mid Project Review

Over the duration of my project so far, I have explored the theme of Power through the strength individuals have secured throughout history, particularly focusing on women. Another concept which I have developed when producing three – dimensional work is the interaction between the work and the viewer.

So far, I feel that I have come to create an innovative process, exploring Greek Mythology through interactive character creation. Looking at the Saints Alive exhibition by Michael Landy, I was inspired by the unconventional concept that a piece displayed in an exhibition can be moved. Using found objects such as old meccano pieces, along with paper cut outs, I pushed myself to think laterally about form and character building. In terms of the exploration of the theme, Greek Mythology is an original idea which allows me to explore narrative as discussed within my Statement of Intent, while it can be linked to our modern perception of power.

As the project continues, I am keen to conduct further research into Gods and Goddesses in relation to the four classical elements, as I have currently only explored one character. Furthermore, I would like to produce additional non-fiction writing to accompany my illustrations. The use of imagery in my previous writing about the Goddess of the Sea made the content of work clearer, and made the piece compositionally more intriguing. I am also keen to return to working with printing processes, inking up found objects, and possibly developing them into series of screen prints. Skill-wise, my drawings on location have improved throughout the project, and I would like to continue to work with a variety of drawing mediums on a regular basis, in order to boost my technique and work back into using other processes.

Working independently has been challenging when considering ways to develop my practice. Though this has been a set back causing me to be less productive at times, I found that seeking critique from my peers helped me to continue working. While I have found that a range of techniques is important in bettering my practice, sometimes I can go off track in attempt to produce an outcome after experimenting. For example, after smaller three-dimensional experiments illustrating the narrative of the Greek Goddess of the Sea, I looked to produce a larger scale piece out of wood. This resulted in a piece which had lost the raw components which the found objects provided, and was too time consuming. Reflecting on this meant that I was able to continue experimenting in alternative ways, resuming productivity. I must avoid this weakness by regularly reflecting on my work, assuring that I do not go off track.

In due course, a risk I may have to overcome is loosing sight of previous research, so that the piece may no longer be relatable to the viewer. To insure that this is prevented, I will continue to carry out contemporary research into the theme. For instance, when producing work focusing on the four elements, I might research natural disasters, or visit places like the botanical gardens to collect primary research.

2 thoughts on “Power: Mid Project Review

  1. This was an interesting glimpse into the mind of the artist. I found it intriguing how well you were able to critique and monitor your own progress. This made me realize I have a long way to go when it comes to figuring out where am and where I want to go with the work. But excellent writing and analysis altogether. And the rest of your art is rather stunning as well.

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