Women Won’t Be Trumped

For this piece, I have been considering the theme of Power from two different angles. Firstly, the power women have maintained throughout history is shown through shapes taken from my drawings of armour at Fitzwilliam museum. Uncovering the piece to find that the armoured character is in fact a woman, was something I felt was both suprising an empowering. To futher experiment with this idea of storytelling, I have looked at interpreting ‘Power’ through interaction. The jointed limps and roll-out text gives the viewer an oppertunity to futher understand and communicate with the meaning of the piece. A downside of the piece was that the delecate materials such as paper and cardboard didn’t reflect the ‘Powerful’ character created. I am interested to futher explore this hands-on style of illustration, perhaps using stronger materials to reflect the powerful character.

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