Hey! I’m back for the final instalment of the exploratory stage!

The final project of the exploratory stage had a focus on illustration and graphic design and was titled ‘Conceal’. Out of the four projects (the other three being inductiontrace elements, and connections), this was the project that I most enjoyed.

We kick-started the project by using word association to broaden our ideas as to how we could interpret the word ‘conceal’. Being a lover of all things historical, I was drawn to words such as ‘bury’, ‘discovered’ and ‘old’. Therefore, it was clear that my project would take a historical or archeological approach.

Throughout this project we were encouraged to explored less conventional ideas of illustration. One technique which I begun the project with and continued to use throughout was collage. Having already explored this within my trace elements project, I took the opportunity to develop the technique further, looking for inspiration from artists such as Paul Burgess. My aim was to put a historical twist on the collages, so prior to the workshop, I printed photocopies from history books which caught my interest. We produced several timed collages which I found particularly challenging and stressful! Nonetheless, a series of simple but effective collages were produced.

Developing this, I learnt how to create zines using my initial collages along with some additional elements to really highlight my historical theme. This was a technique which I had not used before, however I thoroughly enjoyed it and the result was a success. I found that producing a colour scheme of red, magenta and black created consistency throughout the zine. Format wise, a book was a less conventional but effective way of displaying work to others. I think this is because the physicality of turning the page of a book encourages a viewer to observe the work.

Having produced the zine as well as some studies of type, I came out of the project feeling inspired to further develop my graphic design skills. Moreover, something I would like to try is digital illustration and graphic design.

My final outcome was a series of collages using some observational illustrations. I feel that these were generally a success, however I also felt that my technique had not developed as much as I hoped. If I were to produce the final outcome again I perhaps would have used a greater number of illustrations relevant to the theme. I also may have thought about the format or display of my work – maybe I could have produced another zine?

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