Following the trace elements project, I embarked on a project called ‘Connections’ which aimed to explore fashion and textiles. As with trace elements, I thoroughly enjoyed developing my skills within the field. I also feel I came to further realisation as to what strengths and weaknesses I had.

Initially, my thoughts in terms of the theme ‘connections’ were that it could be interpreted in terms of a mechanical or electronic connection: in other words a man-made circuit or join. After gathering objects linked to this idea and producing thumbnails, I produced a number of pieces from these, experimenting with different materials and surfaces. I found that I was naturally drawn to connecting materials using stitch – and found this highly affective in adding a visual impact.

Developments saw positive and negative spaces of a cog shape form as a motif. My thoughts were that this could go deeper than simply conveying a mechanical connection –  but could signify brain power and creative thinking that we all obtain as humans.

This motif followed through to my prints and fashion illustrations, which I feel were particularly effective due to the colour composition of pinks, greens and yellows. With the fashion illustrations, I again was drawn to the use of sewing to physically connect materials. Having studied fashion at A-Level, I was not used to this unconventional undertaking of fashion illustration, however I found that it was more effective on a practical scale because the colours and materials used could be easily mirrored when it came to producing the garment or even displaying a design creatively.

When it came to constructing the garment, I found that I was not so successful. This was perhaps because I gave the physicality of the design less thought, therefore the pieces were not well attached to the subject. If I were to produce the garment again, I would further consider ways of attaching the garment to the body, and the two components as I felt they seemed disjoined.

I feel I learnt a lot about myself during this project. My strengths lied in producing surfaces and within the illustrative elements of the task, but I felt challenged when it came to constructing the garment. Overall though, this project was brilliant fun!

Thanks for reading folks!

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