Hi! My name is Yasmin Aldrich and I am a student in Cambridge. Last month I attended a two week induction to the art foundation course which I will be commencing next month.

Unexpectedly, starting the art foundation course immediately after A-level exams was actually a god send. The course was demystified, meaning I did not have to spend the summer break wondering what I was to expect in August.Arriving on Monday, I was very nervous, however once I recognised that I already knew a couple of people, I begun to relax. Both my teachers were lovely, and everyone was very friendly.

We all did a few activities to get to know one another, and promptly started drawing to loosen off. Most of the two weeks consisted of using a variety of unusual mediums to draw, so every day was interesting and we never got bored.

I think my most successful piece was one of the life drawings using ink, white pastel, and shoe polish. This combination worked surprisingly well! By filling the negative space, I gave a bold indication of the background and a contrast to the lighter tones I created with ink and white pastel to imply muscle structure and light hitting the skin.

During the second week of the induction, we went on a trip to Wimpole hall. This was brilliant fun and i got some good drawings in my sketchbook. It was a challenge to draw the animals when they were moving. I’ll probably get better at this through practice.

Below are a few of my favourite pieces from the two weeks.

In the next few weeks I’ll post a bit of my summer work – so stay tuned my arty friends!

~ Yasmin ~

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